Projects as an Employed Person

In my current employment as Solutions Architect at Paradigm4 I help researchers from the pharma sector discover new medicines and tailor our software solutions for big data and massive parallel cloud computing to their needs.

At NOLTE&LAUTH (now called Experience One), I started working in internal IT and switched to the web frontend team. In web, I was mainly part of the development team of ADVANTAGES for Mercedes-Benz and smart. ADVANTAGES is an internal retail platform that I developed and maintained as frontend programming lead between 2016 and 2018. For Mercedes-Benz I also worked on the Lifestyle Configurator, a tool mapping cars to users’ preferences with a Machine Learning backend provided by the Fraunhofer institute. For smart I supported the team developing the smart online store. Additionally I worked for other customers such as Aptamil (Danone) and the two major German banks Postbank and KfW.

Projects as a Freelancer

As a freelancer I took care of the (now former) platform Digicruit, which entailed a complete re-do of the frontend and major backend parts. Digicruit was an online employment agency that matched companies and applicants through a sophisticated algorithm.

Furthermore I have developed a content management system for shop window presentations of the pharmacy Rosen-Apotheke Berlin.

Private Projects / University