Gravity Cub3d

Semester Project at Stuttgart Media University
  1. Giant turning cubicle
  2. Time slot of one semester
  3. “By the way”
  4. Content
  5. Programmierung
  6. (A little) design

Gravity Cub3d was a project at Stuttgart Media University, that has been developed solely by students from different courses.

I joined the project in third semester as Head of Publishing and wrote bilingual promotion texts, took care of our booth at Media Night, and mainly programmed a website. Content and code are created by myself, and a fellow student helped me with the design.

The website is a gigantic cube that the visitor views from the outside. After a click the user is moved inside of it and may look around. At each side there are information to the game. In order to provide orientation for the user I added a big menu that helps him for his first moves.

Project Setup

  • Gulp
  • Localization using a yml DB
  • Presskit: Automatic creation of a zip with translated PDF files


  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • Full responsive (Rem-Mediaquery)


  • Static apache server
  • Jenkins integration


  • Creating advertising texts
  • Translate (English / German)
  • Collect, create and create generel project background information


  • Parallel to the game
  • In cooperation with Viviana Schaller from Inagawa


  • Chrome/FF/Safari/IE11
  • IE10 fallback
  • Not enough time for mobile optimization missing

Visit website

Please regard: This web site does not work anymore with most browsers.

Because the project and the website is no longer under development, unfortunately I cannot fix bugs any more. For the most stable rendering, please use Firefox. I discourage using other browsers.

You can find the web site here.