stressfree billing

Split your bills without the stress
  1. Easy management of shared bills
  2. See, who paid how much at what time, any time
  3. Never have to painfully calculate again

After I created stress-free billing for my shared flat, I soon realized that I am not the only one in need of this little application, so I made it public.

After registering you can create sheets with your flat mates, and everyone may add new entries. Just check who shares the costs and split the bill evenly – or even set percentages for each user. In the end you always see who is in debt and should pay the next bill. Since then our flat never needs to transfer money!

This was my first bigger web project. Today, the techniques and the style are pretty much outdated, but it still works like a charm and I don’t have time to redo it.


  • Service is free to everyone
  • Invite friends to your sheets
  • Split evenly or set custom percentages
  • Filter sheets
  • Administrate sheets and give specific rights to your users


  • Bootstrap
  • Custom modules
  • Fully mobile optimized
  • Homescreen-optimized


  • PHP
  • Apache
  • Custom framework
  • mySQL DB

Usage and more Information

Usage of stressfree-billing is free of charge. Just register here! German only