The portfolio page of this page
  1. Security through offline CMS
  2. Own design
  3. Responsive images

Why I stopped working with Wordpress

  • PHP overhead ist slow
  • PHP is insecure
  • Wordpress is slow
  • Wordpress is insecure
  • Caching doesn’t work reliably enough
  • Wordpress and plugin updates:
    • Must be installed because they fix security issues
    • Must be tested in order not to create bugs
    • Must be installed locally, so that in case of bugs the live version is not corrupted
    • Need roughly one day of work. Every month!
  • Synchronization between local and productive environment is error-prone
  • Minification and request count reduction are super complicated
  • Responsive images? What are responsive images?
  • What you see is what you neither want nor get
  • Image damage for web developer
  • Developing is gruesome

Shortly: Lets hang our CMS into a plugin infested bug feast into the internet, where everyone can guess the password without ruffle (but excitement). But hey, at least it is slow.

What I am using now

I am using Hugo.


  • Local CMS only
  • Markdown and HTML possible
  • Database is a folder structure consisting of .md files with FontMatter
  • Structure is very thoughtful and intuitive
  • Generation is fast
  • The speed of static web pages is unbeatable
  • Very developer friendly
  • Native translation management
  • Gulp-, Webpack- and own Integration

Project Setup

  • Hugo
  • Markdown
  • Local gulp server mit Webpack (“Blaupause”)


  • No third-party template, own development
  • ES6 using Babel
  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • Full responsive (Rem mediaquery)
  • Responsive images
  • Font Awesome


  • Static!!!
  • Simple Apache


There is always room for improvement. Here are the things about Hugo that bother me the most:

Potential future developments